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Important information about the Synod Process and

how to get involved:


Synod at St Teresa’s – How to take part:

Over the coming few weeks St Teresa’s moves to the next stage in the Synodal process begun by Pope Francis in October last year – an ongoing process of spiritual discernment that seeks to listen to the whole People of God – and to give voice to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us as we journey together as the Church.

Pope Francis is calling us to a gracious speaking and listening that is attentive to the movement and promptings of the Holy Spirit within and between ourselves as we try to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying to us individually, and in our relationships, in our families, in the parish, and in our wider society.

Here at St Teresa’s we are trying to become more conscious of this “synodal” approach and, in union with Pope Francis and our Bishop David, set out, each day, on our journey together, attentive to the Holy Spirit who speaks to us in the secret of our hearts and urges us on to greater communion as we participate, each in our own way, in the mission of the Church.

To this end, I echo the invitation of Pope Francis and Bishop David in the words of the Synod’s Preparatory Document:
… We recall that the purpose of the Synod, and therefore of this consultation, is not to produce documents, but “to plant dreams, draw forth prophecies and visions, allow hope to flourish, inspire trust, bind up wounds, weave together relationships, awaken a dawn of hope, learn from one another and create a bright resourcefulness that will enlighten minds, warm hearts, give strength to hands…


Please do join in and journey together – you will be most welcome.

The Synod at St Teresa’s: You can sign up to take part in one of the Parish or Zoom Conversations by:

Email: or
Text/Voice Message: 07761 125747

Parish Conversations by ZOOM

– let us know you’d like to take part so we can send you the link

– a maximum of 6 people for each session

  • Mon – 24th January - 7.30pm

  • Tue – 25th January - 7.30pm

  • Wed – 26th January - 7.30pm

  • Thu – 27th January - 7.30pm

  • Fri -28th January - 7.30pm

Parish Conversations in Person

– in the Walsingham Hall (please let us know you’re coming so we can plan for numbers):


    Mon – 31st January at 7pm

  • Tue – 1st February at 7pm

  • Wed – 2nd February at 7pm

  • Thu – 3rd February at 7 pm

  • Fri – 4th February at 7pm

  • Sat – 5th February at 10am

If you prefer or if you cannot make it to either the Parish or Zoom conversations, you can take part individually – or in your own group – and give your feedback to the questions directly to the Diocese via its online portal:

and/or copy them to the Parish.

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